Ocean County YMCA

The Ocean County YMCA is an organization that helps residents in the surrounding area maintain a healthy lifestyle. Founded in 1884, the organization has grown to serve over 10,000 people in the area. The YMCA Toms River NJ is committed to diversity, and its programs must reflect this commitment. In addition, it must continue to support newcomers and immigrants, and ensure that all residents feel valued and welcome. In addition, the organization opposes systemic racism and stands with all of its neighbors.

Toms River is a beautiful waterfront town that offers visitors plenty of activities. Visitors can hike in the nearby Cattus Island County Park or visit the environmental center at Ocean County Mall. Insectropolis, a unique attraction, is also located in Toms River. Several fine restaurants are also located in this town, making for a great day out. Whether you plan to enjoy nature or take part in activities in the YMCA, you can find something that will fit your schedule.

The Ocean County Museum is a museum that features a wide variety of artifacts and documents about the history of the area. The museum is housed in a Victorian-style house and is operated by the Ocean County Historical Society. There are free guided tours every Tuesday, Thursday, and first Saturday of the month. For those who love history, there is a museum dedicated to Joshua Huddy in Toms River.

The Ocean County YMCA in Toms River, NJ specializes in youth development programs. There are many programs offered at this facility, including a swimming pool, fitness center, steam room, softball court, playground, and an outdoor deck. Aside from aquatic programs, the YMCA offers massage therapy, martial arts classes, and group exercise services. Additionally, the Ocean County YMCA also provides financial assistance for children and adults in need.

The Ocean County Library is another important part of the community. This library supports local history, economic development, and lifelong learning. Located in Toms River, the Ocean County Library offers free wireless internet and around 500 public computers. Its library collection includes more than a million volumes, magazines, audio books, and video games. Additionally, the library offers a wide array of online databases for online learning. It is one of the best places to learn about the local history, arts, and culture.

The downtown area of Toms River NJ offers a variety of cultural events. There are several restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes to enjoy. The Toms River Mall is a tourist’s paradise during the summer. For live entertainment, head to the Exit 82 Theatre Company. It has been in business for thirteen years and is known for its amazing theatre programs. The theater also promotes arts education. Visit this Ocean City attraction.

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