Huddy Park
Huddy Park at Toms River, NJ has been open and thriving for over 70 years. It is located at 39 E Water St, Toms River, NJ 08753. In the past several years, the park has undergone some significant improvements which have made it more user friendly than ever before. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even run into one of our furry friends while visiting Huddy Park! In this blog post we will take you on a virtual tour of what’s new at Huddy Park in Toms River. You may recognize a lot of these new features from previous posts we’ve written about our renovations. However, seeing them all in one place is so much better! Even though writing about improvements is fun for us, if you weren’t reading this post you wouldn’t know anything had changed!

The Huddy Park Beach Is Now Open!
The Huddy Park Beach is now open for the public to enjoy for free! This beach is located at the eastern end of the park, and is surrounded by a beautiful playground and picnic area. The beach was closed in July 2018 to facilitate renovations to the waterline. This work was required due to the age of the waterline in the park, and to make the beach safe for visitors. The work was completed ahead of schedule, and the beach is now open to the public!

Huddy Park Fountain Has Been Replaced
The Huddy Park fountain was removed and replaced with a new fountain in October 2018. The fountain has now been upgraded to a solar system, and is programmed to run water shows at specific times of the day. The fountain is now programmed to play music, sing songs and make sound effects to entertain park visitors. The fountain is a great place to meet up with your friends and family, and has become a great place to enjoy the new Spring weather! We recommend taking advantage of the free Wi-fi so you can stay connected and socialize with friends and family, as well as send us your feedback about the fountain. New lighting for a better experience at night Huddy Park has always been a place where people come to enjoy the outdoors at night. The new lighting installed around the park has made this even easier. New lights have been installed around the perimeter of the park, along with a new pathway that runs through the park. This has created a more broad path that is safer, and easier to navigate at night. New lighting has also been installed throughout the playground, making it safer and easier to enjoy at night. New lighting has also been installed throughout the picnic area and surrounding play equipment, so it is now easy to enjoy the park even during the day!

A Brand New Soccer Field and Practice Facility
The Huddy Park Soccer field was built in the summer of 2018 and is now open for the public to play on. The soccer field was built in partnership with the Red Bull soccer program and is used by the program and the public. The soccer field has been highly anticipated and is sure to delight soccer fans. The field is located at the western end of the park along the beach. It is surrounded by a new walkway, with new lighting to make it safe and easy to navigate. Huddy Park also recently installed a brand new practice facility for the local soccer team, Buccaneer Soccer. The facility is located at the eastern end of the park, next to the baseball field. These improvements are sure to provide a fun and safe experience for Buccaneer Soccer players. We hope to see you out on the fields soon!

Huddy Park is one of the most loved and used parks in New Jersey. We are thankful to have such a positive history of visitors at Huddy Park, and we always look forward to welcoming new visitors as well. Our renovations to the park will continue to make it more enjoyable and safer for visitors! These renovations are finished, and the park is now better than ever. If you haven’t visited the park recently, now is the time!

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