Invisalign is a modern way to straighten teeth and improve your bite with clear custom trays made just for you. These trays work to gradually shift your teeth to an optimal position to restore your functionality and esthetics. Each plastic tray is unique and worn for a couple of weeks as your teeth are corrected. With no metal wires or brackets, invisalign is a comfortable and appealing alternative to braces.

Key benefits: 

  • More attractive and convenient as the trays are clear and can be taken out to eat and maintain proper hygiene 
  • A comfortable option to straighten teeth without worrying about the discomfort of metal in the mouth 
  • Long term results with minimal maintenance

How it is done:
Dr. Monica or Dr. Rakhee will see you for a consultation and digitally scan your mouth. This scan will allow you to get a sneak peek of what your mouth can look like if you choose to do Invisalign. They will then take a few pictures and create a detailed prescription customized to you. After this, Invisalign will fabricate clear custom trays for you. Your initial appointment will involve placement of attachments on your teeth, which act as a retention for the trays, to ensure that your teeth gradually shift the way they are expected to. These attachments are tooth colored and are easily removed upon completion of Invisalign. You will also receive your first few sets of trays, a custom kit, and instructions on what is expected from you. You will meet with Dr. Monica or Dr. Rakhee every couple of months to ensure your teeth are shifting as expected and everything is going well. Call now to get started on the smile of your dreams!