Icon Treatment

Do you have white spots on your teeth that you’ve just had to get used to? Removing these white spot lesions might be easier than you think! In the past, the only way to treat these imperfections involved shots, drilling, and restorations. Today, there is an easier alternative for you. Dr. Monica and Dr. Rakhee are proud to offer ICON treatment, an innovative and painless way to remove white spots on your teeth without the use of shots or drilling!

Key Benefits:

  • Saves healthy tooth structure
  • Appropriate for all ages, especially children who may suffer from white spots due to orthodontic treatment
  • It is a painless, cost effective, and long lasting treatment to get you your natural smile 

How it is done:

White spot lesions occur due to an imbalance in the mineralization of the tooth. The white spots occur because minerals cannot access deeper portions of the tooth. With ICON, there is a micro-abrasion used to expose the deeper tubules of the tooth to ensure that the resin, which is responsible for the color correction, properly soaks in. While keeping the tooth dry, the resin is applied to infiltrate the lesion and bond to the tooth structure. Dr. Monica or Dr. Rakhee will then remove the extra resin, and use a light to harden the portion of it that remains in the tooth. Finally, your teeth are polished to have a uniform and beautiful smile.