Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry combines science and art to give you the best dental treatment possible. This can involve tooth colored restorations, porcelain crowns, cosmetic bonding procedures, veneers, or teeth whitening. Dr. Monica and Dr. Rakhee take pride in being able to combine their creativity to create restorations that blend into your natural smile for long lasting results.

Key benefits:

  • Esthetically appealing metal-free restorations that are made to last
  • Preserve maximum amount of healthy tooth structure 
  • Able to fix gaps, cracked teeth, or severe discoloration in a minimally invasive way

How it is done:

Dr. Monica or Dr. Rakhee strongly believe in treating the whole oral cavity as it directly affects systemic health. They will provide you an overall picture of your oral health so you fully understand the recommended treatment. Depending on urgency, Dr. Monica or Dr. Rakhee will discuss different options available for the diagnosis of your teeth. Most cosmetic dentistry procedures can be completed within one to two visits. Together, our team will work with you to ensure you have the most comfortable experience with the highest quality of care.