Questions and Answers About Dry Mouth – Part – 3


In this post, we offer some tips on finding relief for dry mouth.

After examining what dry mouth is, and what causes it, in our next two posts we’ll be suggested some tips on ways to find relief.

Tips on fighting dry mouth:
• Be sure to drink enough water
• Brush and floss regularly
• Chew sugarless gum
• Use a humidifier when sleeping
• Keeps your lips moisturized
• Use a saliva substitute
• Visit Dr. Swedberg regularly

As touched on in our last post, often times the underlying cause of dry mouth isn’t a disease or other condition that can be changed, but is instead caused by medication. In our final post in this series, we’ll be looking at a few more ways of getting relief. Be sure to check back, and follow Dentistry With a Woman’s Touch on Facebook and Twitter.

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