We now offer a unique approach to treat your gum infection (periodontal disease, bleeding gums, and bad breath)! Traditional dental cleanings are essential but do not fully treat, the most common infection, periodontal disease. We have changed this by adding the Oravital system to scaling. Recognizing the severity of the less evident, first 3 stages of gum disease we are committed to early intervention before advanced damage occurs.

The Oravital treatment of periodontal diseases consists of five components: diagnosis, treatment, re-evaluation, maintenance and monitoring. Microbial analysis is the cornerstone of this system.

We will test your mouth for bacteria that cause infection, determine contributing health factors, measure the extent of disease and assess your oral hygiene routine. Based on your clinical findings and lab report the appropriate, dedicated rinses will be prescribed. Our rinses have less than half the amount of a systemic dose but have the concentration in saliva 4,000 times greater. Your follow up appointments include evaluation of treatment response, oral hygiene coaching and attentive monitoring.

If you’re like most people you’ve made some New Year resolutions and probably included at least one of the two most popular intentions of getting in better shape and/or loosing some weight. In other words getting healthier. Regardless of how you approach improving your health, either adding a host activities you normally don’t do or eliminating things you do do that destroy health, we hope you include your mouth as part of the plan to take better care of yourself and invite you to come have your exam soon.