Looking Back On Back-To-School

BACK-TO-SCHOOL SEASON is in full swing! Some parents are sad to have less time with their children, others are ecstatic to have the house kid-free for seven hours a day. But all grown-ups can look back on what it was like to be a child back in school, and that includes our team.
Best Thing About Back-To-School
Melanie’s favorite part about Back-To-School time growing up was shopping for new clothes and getting a new agenda book (some things never change, she still loves when January comes around so she can purchase a new trendy Agenda Book)

Best Back-To-School Memories
Dr. Swedberg loved going back to school to see all of her friends and to catch up on what they all did during the summer.

Does this remind you of your first day back at school?

Favorite Teachers
Melanie and Jeralynn both share a favorite teacher who is now ironically a patient of Dr. Swedbergs. She was their 1st grade teacher and made 1st grade so memorable for the both of them. They love when she comes in the office so they can reminisce about the good old days of being a 6 year old 😉

What About You?
We’ve shared our stories about the excitement of being back in school, but we’d love to hear yours! Either post in the comments below or go on social media and tag our practice when you share your memories. And, of course, you can always tell us in person when you come in for your next appointment!

We love everyone in our practice family!

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