Patient protocols in the dental office

Our desire is for you to be greeted by a person and not a pile of paperwork. For that reason, if you are able please complete all relevant data requests using our online forms. If you need assistance with the forms, it will be our pleasure to help you fill them out over the phone. Prior to your appointment you will receive a call, text or email to confirm your appointment and review the Covid-19 screening and questionnaire. Your answers will help us determine your risk of being infectious. If we find that your answers confirm that either you or a member of your household could be infected, we will assist you in rescheduling your appointment.

In an effort to protect you and our staff, we have reduced the number of chairs to ensure adequate space for social distancing, we have installed plexiglass barriers at our front desk, and we have eliminated magazines and brochures.

Patient Protocols in the Treatment Rooms

As part of our new safety measures, we have added air purifiers that contain the most sophisticated HEPA filtration system available as well as UVC treatment for the highest air quality possible.

In the treatment room you will be given a pre-rinse and gargle to use prior to dental treatment to reduce the amount of possible contaminated aerosol produced.

Additional intraoral devices will be used during treatment to reduce the amount of aerosol produced.

The treatment rooms are also equipped with extraoral dental suction systems that will effectively allow us to safely remove droplets and aerosol particles created while providing treatment.

Disposable materials are discarded immediately after each use. Non-disposable equipment is disinfected then sterilized appropriately immediately following use. Patients will wear their disposable gloves upon departing from the office.