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Your oral health should not be neglected during this recent COVID-’19 crisis.  Oral infection can suppress your immune system and make you susceptible to other infections.  

We have always made sterilization and disinfection of our office a priority and the practices we use to keep you safe from other contagious diseases work for this disease as well. This has and will continue to protect you from possible disease transmission during this outbreak as well as any viral season. Here are the policies that we have in place:

  1. If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or been out of the country in the last 14 days we ask you to wait two weeks before making an appointment with our office as directed by the CDC.
  2. We will be doing a risk assessment of every patient and taking a reading of all our patients’ body temperature.  If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 (itchy throat, cough, muscle aches, or difficulty breathing) and/or temp over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit then you will be immediately asked to leave and seek medical care.
  3. If you are ill please reschedule your appointment with us. We will be sending any patient or staff member home who has symptoms of illness. 
  4. We ask that only scheduled patients enter the office and anyone accompanying them stay in the car to limit exposure (with the exception of children and persons needing assistance). We will be limiting the number of seats in the reception area to correspond to this.
  5. Upon entering the office, each patient will be asked to apply hand sanitizer over their gloves.
  6. Our patients will be using a pre-rinse and gargle prior to all exams, cleaning and dental treatment.
  7. We are cleaning our instruments in two areas after treatment. One is by the assistants in the treatment room. The second is by our sterilization assistant in the sterilization room. 
  8. We are disinfecting all common areas such as door handles, knobs, public surfaces both in the treatment rooms and the reception room and front desk area, bathroom faucets, toilet handles, seats, etc. on a frequent basis throughout the day.
  9. We use new N95 Masks, face shields, caps and gowns for every patient.
  10. We cover all light handles, keyboards, and dental chairs with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap is changed after each patient.
  11. We have installed special HEPA filters in every treatment room to purify the air.
  12. We will be using an Extraoral Dental Suction System during aerosol producing procedures. This will allow us to safely remove droplets and aerosol particles created while providing treatment.
  13. We encourage you as well as our staff to avoid touching your faces 
  14. We are happy to answer any questions regarding our disinfection and sterilization policies and look forward to making every visit to our office safe comfortable and effective