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Questions and Answers About Dry Mouth – Part 4

We have previously taken a look at exactly what dry mouth is, what a couple of the causes are, and techniques to get relief. The following are a several further treatment suggestions that can help with dry mouth. Having so many wonderful spots to eat here in Toms River, it can be difficult to cut […]

Questions and Answers About Dry Mouth – Part – 3

In this post, we offer some tips on finding relief for dry mouth. After examining what dry mouth is, and what causes it, in our next two posts we’ll be suggested some tips on ways to find relief. Tips on fighting dry mouth: • Be sure to drink enough water • Brush and floss regularly […]

Questions and Answers About Dry Mouth – Part 2

At Dentistry with a Woman’s Touch, we know how important our patient’s oral health is to their overall health, and dry mouth is a condition that can be symptomatic of other health issues, which is why it’s a good idea to know what causes it so that it can be treated properly. Dry mouth occurs […]